So, what is Humanity Bands?

Let’s get technical!
In a nut shell, humanity bands has two main functional elements:

  1. A physical silicone wristbands that is imprinted with a unique serial number.
  2. A social media platform that utilizes those wristbands to track interactions.

The magic lives in those moments of interaction. The above tools we have created support and encourage person to person connections that are rooted in kind and compassionate acts between people in real life, in real times of need.
Humanity Bands puts the humanity back at the forefront of social interaction and the utilization of social media platforms.
The gist, you obtain a band by purchase or gift and you log into the social media platform we created to create a free and quick user account. Once set up you simply search your unique number found on the inside of your band, click “join group” and do one of two things: 1) if purchased, you’re done. You can wear your band when your out and about so when the opportunity presents itself to help another person or simply be kind, you can, and then give them your band and tell them to check out our website. 2) if you received the band as a gift you can post a story, video, or image to illustrate the interaction you had with the person who gave you that band.
The idea, we spread our small acts of compassion and kindness all around and each time we do it may be logged and track so we are able to see the ripple effects of our small but significant and meaningful interactions.

There are two very distinct moments in time where we as a society recognize our unity in humanity over everything else and wholly put our differences aside, those times are in tragedy and triumph.

Be a part of the movement that is carving out a 3rd, let’s make history…

Connect Through Kindness