Passion in the Movement

Mission Statement

Purposefully connect people through acts of kindness, while igniting a movement that encourages individuals to act in their humanity, to recognize the humanity in others and  support the general welfare of humanity as a whole.

Passion in the movement

The one thing we all are, undeniably, is human. No single person on earth can be categorized “out” of human, it cannot be denied to any individual and therefore is the ONE thing that truly bands us all together. Our humanity allows us to be moved by empathy and assume emotions felt by others. Situationally, empathy can be silenced due to our clouded and over stimulating environment, but we all have those moments where the world is silenced and time stops briefly while we have an internal conversation, us with our conscious, and we have to make a choice…do I go out of my way to help this person or do I ignore the situation and carry on about my business. THOSE are YOUR moments, those are the ones that count because those are the moments you felt connected in your humanity and compelled to help, to do the right thing. Humanity Bands is not suggesting you strap on a cape and utility belt laced with all of your humanity bands and set out on missions, hunting for people in need of help (While we are not suggesting this…if you do, we definitely need that pic!). We want you to take YOUR moments and act in your humanity when those moments present themselves, you know the ones, the moments that tug on you and repeat in your mind for some time after it’s past because you didn’t act in accordance with your instincts. These moments are yours and yours alone, and that is why it’s so important that you act in them, and we think a humanity band on your wrist is a nice way to remind and encourage you to act.

If, for a moment, we decategorize ourselves out of social status, race, gender, ethnicity, level of intellect, religion, socioeconomic standing…if you remove all of the categorical labels that both you and society have assigned and look at the people around you, in that moment of pure humanity you will find that we all share the same very basic needs, emotions and inborn, unconscious instincts to survive. At any and every moment, circumstances change, your categories can change and so can those of others around you, but we will ALWAYS be human. What a benefit it will be to humanity in the future if we can learn to recognize this in the here and now. We decide what type of person we will be and we have the ability to ignite change by simply being the example of humanity in every moment we are able. Humanity Bands are not producers of humanity moments, you are, they are simply a tool to capture and track them. Imagine your small act of kindness spurs a chain of humanity moments that reaches countries you’ve only dreamed of visiting, and now, in a really beautiful way, you have.

We encourage you to do what’s right even when it’s hard, take YOUR moments and build a social network founded in and bound by kindness and humanity. Welcome to the Humanity Bands movement, your movement.

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