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    My friend was diagnosed with a relapse of cancer one year after treatment that included a mastectomy and chemotherapy . She is struggling financial because she used to work full time prior to her initial diagnosis and now is not working and had medical bills piling up along with household finances they can not keep up with. She has two children and was concerned about giving them a Christmas for the second year in a row. She is getting ready for another surgery followed by more chemotherapy and radiation. Another long road to recovery meaning more bills piling up. A friend reached out to me asking if I knew anyone that needed help this Christmas. I told my I did and that my friend needed help to provide Christmas for her children. Her husband works full time but it is just not enough going from two incomes to one. My friend decided to adopt my other friends family for Christmas without ever meeting them. She then asked about her story and was then concerned about her household finances. Once finding out she was behind on utilities she decided to help catch them up. She then informed me she was giving them about four thousand dollars more to help with her journey she is about to begin to fight cancer once again. I am amazed and so proud to call them my friends. Her instant willingness to help a family they have never met and going away above and beyond what anyone would have ever imagined. I am shocked, and so grateful for their kindness to my other friend in need.

    • There is no doubt this Experience will change both their lives forever and yours as well for having witnessed it. There is no connection in the world stronger than that of the human connection. Great work and wonderful story!