Kindness, now more than ever…

If, for a moment, we decategorize ourselves out of social status, race, gender, ethnicity,
level of intellect, religion, socioeconomic standingā€¦if you remove all of the categorical
labels that both you and society have assigned and look at the people around you, in
that moment of pure humanity you will find that we all share the same very basic
needs, emotions and inborn, unconscious instincts to survive. At any and every
moment, circumstances change, your categories can change and so can those of
others around you, but we will ALWAYS be human.

Now more than ever is a time for humanity to connect through kindness šŸ§”There are many ways we can still show love, support and kindness while practicing social distancing.

  • Next time you need to get some things from the food store, think of that elderly neighbor that may need something.
  • Call to check on friends & family
  • Donā€™t overbuy, leave things for others. A lot of people are on a budget and arenā€™t able to purchase everything at once.
  • Of course stay at home and wash your hands to help stop the spread of the virus.
  • Stay positive, pray & inspire others. With all the technology we have today, you can brighten someoneā€™s day without leaving your home. You can send ecards, inspirational quotes, pictures, videos and even send a smile via FaceTime šŸ˜Š
  • Stay grateful! Focus on all that you do have and can do. Everyone has something to be grateful for! Most of us live pretty busy lives, always racing against the clock. Look at this as an opportunity to spend quality time with your family & to maybe do some of the things you always wanted to do, but didnā€™t have time to get to.

While this virus is highly contagious so is Kindness, Patience, Love, Enthusiasm and a Positive Attitude! I have no doubt if we carry & spread these things not only will we all get through this, but once we do we will come through it better humans than we were before šŸ§”

Connect Through Kindness