How it Works

How it Works

It’s so simple .. it’s beautiful.

Humanity Bands imprinted with our company website and a unique serial number are purchased through our online store and/or received as gifts, then continually passed from person to person when performing acts of kindness.

  • You received a Humanity Band, now what?    You’re going to want to get spun up on Humanity Bands by checking out our “About Us” & “Passion in the Movement” pages, peruse featured stories and news articles, and finally, now that you are fully motivated to start connecting through kindness, click the “Sign Up” link and set up your free user profile.
  • Here’s where things get interesting! Once logged in, you’ll select the “Band Groups” link on the menu ribbon and simply search the unique serial number imprinted on the inside of your band in the search box. When you locate the group titled with your band number just click “join group” and BOOM … you are connected through kindness!
  • Now that you’re a member, you can see where it has traveled, read all of the humanity moments it has recorded, and, if you choose, share your own story of how you received the band before passing it on through your own act of kindness.
  • How will you keep track? Every band you have ever been given and passed on will be a unique chain of stories recorded in each band group. You can receive notifications when new stories are added, and you can easily access each of your band groups via the “Groups” link in your profile menu. How cool is that!?! One band or 1000 bands- you will have access to see them all and read their stories as they travel around the world.
  • And here’s the kicker! If you want to share the amazing stories you’re reading to other social media sites to inspire others, you can with just a click of a button! We encourage you to wear out the share function and tag us because we are so proud to be a part of your story.. your movement.
  • It is important to note: Acts of kindness or, as we refer to them, Humanity Moments can be anything from helping change a tire, listening to someone who just needs to talk, helping a parent of a screaming child in a store, paying for someone’s meal, carrying someone’s bags, Mowing an elderly neighbors yard, befriending the new kid at school, standing up for those who can’t find their voice, you can leave them anonymously along with a nice gesture like paying for the next person in the drive through, put them in a bag of charitable donations, literally ANYTHING altruistic, anything that requires you to look past your own judgements, time constraints, current circumstances or prejudices in a moment that requires you to simply be a human being… that recognizes another human in need.

Because Humanity Bands is a full functioning social media platform, you also have the ability to connect with individuals outside of your band groups and share your own content on your personal page. We think a new platform that celebrates and encourages humanity is a nice fresh spin on the whole social media thing. Humanity is what connects us, after all.

Connect Through Kindness