Happy Independence Day 🇺🇸

We hope you had a wonderful day celebrating the freedoms and privileges we hold dear as Americans. This day is special for many, many reasons but the one that stands out most to us is the reminder of our unity. On July 4, 1776 our nation’s Declaration of Independence was agreed upon and circulated informing the People of the birth of a new free nation, The United States of America. But our fight was not over, The Revolutionary War that began a year earlier would continue for Seven more years until 1783 securing our freedom and setting us on a path to become the strongest nation the world has ever known. Our entire nation’s history is predicated on one simple notion, united we stand… divided we fall. Our ancestors understood that fact and gave their souls to secure our futures because they believed in everything this new nation stood for and protected. Let us all remember today what it means, truly, to be an American. Along with our rights and freedoms also comes the obligation to hold ourselves and our neighbors to the highest standards of honor, integrity and humanity in order to preserve that which is so fundamentally American. Happy Independence Day!

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