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About Humanity Bands

If you are thinking “this is just another social media site”, then you’re going to want to keep reading… because everyone likes to be pleasantly surprised.

Humanity Bands was conceptualized as a way to connect humanity through kindness, to intertwine the lives of strangers through small but significant, meaningful and altruistic acts of humanity. The bands are used as a tool to record and log the handoffs by way of a uniquely printed serial number that allows any individual who has ever possessed that band to follow the chain reaction of their own personal acts of kindness as each band journeys from person to person, place to place and country to country. Each band takes on a life of its very own as it travels, collecting stories of humanity moments as they are told from the perspective and viewpoint of each recipient. You may be surprised to know that your small and seemingly “no big deal” act of paying for a loaf of bread because the person in front of you came up a bit short, was really an “I wouldn’t have eaten otherwise” moment to them. Humanity Bands recognizes that you are changing the world and we want to show YOU that your simple gestures and acts of kindness become defining moments in time that begin monumental chain reactions of humanity that reach every corner of the globe. We think you need to see this, we think you deserve to see it… because it’s beautiful, it’s impactful and it reminds us all that we are human first. If you’ve made it to the end of this passage we must have said something you liked, so head on over to our “Passion in the Movement” page and read a little more about Humanity Bands’ mission, goals, and commitments. If we had you at “Humanity Bands”, great, click on the “Sign Up” link and start connecting through kindness!

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