Organizations - We Got You!

Humanity Bands encourages the use of our product in promoting and encouraging kindness in every environment, and we are here to help any organization that wishes to implement the use of Humanity Bands to do the same. We think Humanity Bands has a place in every organization from fortune 500 companies to elementary schools and everything in between.

We offer a discounted bulk order option in our store and we welcome your inquiries about special circumstances, projects, events and more. Give us a shout!

Suggested uses are, but certainly not limited to:

Hospitals – Likely the place that most often reminds us we are all human, and, consequently, also the place where we rely very heavily on the humanity of others. Humanity Bands has a place in your waiting rooms, your hallways, your patient care rooms, your chapel, your break rooms and even your cafeteria. So many extraordinary people in extraordinary circumstances showing their humanity and selflessness. From the hospital staff to the patients, Humanity Bands recognizes the significant impacts that are made in hospitals and think it would be encouraging to be able visualize the direct linkages between the acts of kindness and impactful events.

Schools – may use Humanity Bands as part of the national anti bullying campaign, promote and teach general good citizenship, and illustrate the concept taught in most educational establishments that one person can make a difference, on person can in fact change the world one small gesture at a time.

Businesses – may use Humanity Bands as tokens for customers when an employee goes above and beyond to help a customer who may have extenuating circumstances or needs requiring nonstandard or unconventional solutions in order to promote the company’s “Human First” and “Customers before Profits” ideology. Humanity Bands will tell your story, you just keep doing the right thing and we will get the word out.

Churches – may offer them to youth groups to encourage altruistic and kind behavior, place them in boxes or bags with encouraging words and donated goods, or simply hand them out during mass when the Humanity Bands Movement aligns well with the message.

Non Profits organizations, Charities, Volunteer Programs, Military Bases, Prisons, mentorship programs, Animal Shelters, Community Groups, Clubs, Sports Associations, and the list goes on.

Connect Through Kindness